Material to learn Japanese

Language course "Japanese With Ease"


In just a few mounths, you will be able to speak effortless and naturally, without hesitation.



  • Lively, practical dialogues
  • Realistic situations from everyday life
  • A carefully designed system of grammatical progression
  • Systematic revision to consolidate what you have learned
  • Fascinating cultural insights
  • A unique witty style that is tried and tested

Recordings (audio CDs or mp3 CD) of all the dialogues and comprehension exercises are read by native speakers.

Textbook volume I - A1–A2

49 lessons, 386 pages



ISBN: 978-2-7005-0353-1

28,00 €

sold out


Audio course volume II - B1–B2

textbook + 4 audio CDs 

50 lessons, 528 pages, 180 minutes



ISBN: 978-2-7005-2101-6

99,80 €

sold out


Textbook volume II - B1–B2

50 lessons, 528 pages



ISBN: 978-2-7005-0354-8

28,00 €

sold out

Also separately available for later purchase!


Audio CDs volume I / without book

120 minutes



ISBN: 978-3-89625-148-0

78,00 €




Audio CDs volume II / without book

180 minutes



ISBN: 978-3-89625-149-7

78,00 €


Writing Japanese with ease

Kanji stroke-by-stroke


Inside, you will learn the fundamentals of writing the characters of traditional Japan, borrowed from Chinese (Kanji).


The book lists each Kanji with its radical, its number of strokes, the different pronunciations of the character, and - of course - its meaning. For development of your writing skills, the stroke-by-stroke character lay-out will be very useful, teaching you the rules of writing Kanji.



272 pages



ISBN: 978-2-7005-0355-5

25,00 €




This writing workbook is designed to help you learn to write kana (hiragana and katakana) - the characters that represent phonetic syllables in the Japanese writing system. To allow you to learn as easily as possible, the characters are introduced so they progress in difficulty (from 1 stroke to 4 strokes). The grids for writing practice also guide you step by step, starting with larger squares and gradually decreasing in size. There are additional exercises to extend your learning, plus helpful tips and interesting information about kana.

Writing workbook Japanese - Kana

128 pages, 200 exercises + answer key


  • Introduction to writing Japanese characters
  • All the kana step by step
  • Additional exercises to extend your learning


ISBN: 978-2-7005-0715-7

12,00 €

sold out

Conversation guide


This conversation guide makes you discover keywords, basic grammar, useful sentences and common idiomatic expressions. A lexicon of more than 2000 words teaches you all the vocabulary necessary for your journey.

Conversation guide

160 pages



ISBN: 978-2-7005-0685-3

6,00 €

sold out

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